Online Casino Beginners Guide You Should Follow

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If you have never tried the game of gambling then it is important that you collect enough knowledge before you start off with your journey on online casino. Adequate knowledge will help you avoid frustration when facing some poor experience. Here are some tips for the beginners.

1. Firstly you need to open an account in a gaming website. Before you do so, collect all the required information which is necessary about the website. You can also go for a comparison check or read reviews or ask friends to suggest you one.

2. Once you have opened an account, read enough books or browse online for adequate casino knowledge. You must know what are the different types of games available, how they are played, what are the rules and also some tips on planning strategy.

3. Any strategy you use, the truth is casino games are game of chance and however good you are there are chances that you might lose. As a beginner you must learn to have control on your bankroll. Always play with a small amount of money. This is essential because even if you lose you will have money to play again but if you place a huge amount of money as wager then there will be nothing left after a single loss.

4. Before you start gaming always decide, how much is your budget? Do not start playing with just any amount assuming that a win will double it. Think about the negative side too. If you lose, the money lost should not have any impact on your daily life.

5. Never try to chase your loss in casino games. If you have lost a game then think that the day is not in your favor and just leave it for the day. If you play again thinking that the next game might bring in win and your lost money will be back into your pocket then you are wrong. Most of the beginners make a mistake of doubling their amount of wager thinking that if they win it will bring in profit.

6. Before you start playing spend some time to think and plan strategy.

5 Key things that happened at this year’s WSOP

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The pressure has finished and the cards have been folded for another year. WSOP may be over but the memories will stay with us a lifetime, and there have been some great ones this year. At the start of July, thousands of challengers took a break from playing poker online and descended on Vegas, ready for a big win.

The WSOP is the largest live poker tournament in history, and the 45th one was no exception as massive crowds of nearly 8,000 players all descended on various casinos in Las Vega.

1) People have won it big
Winner takes all, but there are so many poker games taking place at the WSOP that there always have been many, many winners. Over the past near half a century, there is very little change in the general WSOP format, but there have been quite a few millionaires made from this tournament. And let me tell you – this weekend was no exception.

2) Risky business
Poker is all about the big risks, and of course the WSOP where the biggest perils lie. Many of these players may have started out on free online poker, but the money they use is very real.

The sweat and tears of the game are now in the past, and the main event is over. The winners have been decided, and the losers have folded their last cards. Until next year – when we will gladly do it all over again.

3) The overall winner refused to answer press questions
There was drama as one of the big winners of the WSOP, Daniel Colman, refused to answer any press questions and completely disappeared from the stage after his $15million win. As the press hungrily wanted photos and interviews, the 24 year old hastily made his exit from the stage and refused to speak to anyone. ESPN were said to be furious, after paying huge sums for the rights to exclusive interviews with the winners.

He later slammed the gambling industry as “ugly” and said “I would never in a million years recommend for someone to try and make it as a poker pro”. As he returns to his home state of Massachusetts with several more zeroes on his bank account, it really fair to deny fans and sponsors a few words? Let us know what you think in the comment below.

4) Final woman standing
The one remaining woman left in the tournament is Maria Ho, who outlasted all of the other females to be down for the final poker match. Sadly, she didn’t make it much further, but After all of the dramas and battle of the sexes, Taiwanese Maria has risen to the top of the female set to be crowned glorious winner of the title; Last Woman Standing . Although Ho didn’t end up winning, she was the highest ranking woman and came 77th out of 6,683. She, however, felt like she could’ve gone all of the way. “I’m super disappointed,” she said. “Right now it doesn’t feel super great, but I know I will take a lot of awesome things away from this experience.”

5) Big charity win
And the WSOP is also a great way for charities to earn money, no more so than the Cirque du Solei’s creators personal charity Big One for One Stop. The WSOP’s official charity partner gained a massive $4,666,662.

The charity itself said they innovative water access and management projects which promote self-reliance in disadvantaged, rural and semi-rural regions America, West Africa and Asia. The program aims to change the lives of 1 million impoverished people worldwide.

As the competition draws to a close, the WSOP cards are almost at a rest once again for the year. There have been arguments, big losses, even bigger wins and drama - all we can say is join us here in Glorious Las Vegas for the WSOP next year!

Some facts about online casinos

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The following are some of the facts about online casinos. Knowing these facts, will not only benefit beginners in the industry but will also allow advanced players to learn some more about the casino industry.

Online casinos provide the same kind of games available in land based casinos, However, they are not exactly the same. As a result, it is important for players to know that if they are master in playing casino games in land-based casinos, it is not necessary that they will be able to master the games in online casinos, despite all the similarities. same goes for mobile casino sites, which are obviously similar, but different than other forms of casinos.

There are lots of casinos in the online world, so it is up to the players to decide, which one is better than the other, and where exactly to play. You should always choose a reputable casino, where it's reviews and info online is positive. start slow, and if the casino is proving himself, you can start playing their regularly.

Also, the players need to know that there is much to casinos than just placing bets. The players should consider all the necessary details such as handling money, casino bonuses and account management. The best casinos can be selected based on these details alone.

Weather you play in a land base casino, an online casino or play mobile casino games using your smartphone, not all games are exactly the same, and needs some practice and adjustments. Once you'll do that, you'll have an easier time in playing and winning playing casino games. For more info, try other Offers, it definitely helps.

How To Select The Best Online Casino ?

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The estimated number of people playing online casino games like online poker or roulette on a regular basis today number above 5 million. This goes to show the popularity of online casinos. There are now several online casinos and online games for players to choose from. The large number of casino websites could make it difficult for new entrants to select the casino to register and play with. Here are just a few tips to help you select the right online gaming website.

What do you want?

The first principle that can help you pick the best casino online for you is to determine in advance what you want. Some casinos offer unique games that are not so easily gotten on others, you can find example everywhere. Some come with flash, other websites may have unique deposit or withdrawal options, some offer no deposit casino bonus while some do not require downloads to play or they may be compatible with Mac. Your particular needs would determine the best online casino for you.

Bonuses offered

Most casinos online now offer bonuses to attract and reward players. As usual, you should be on the lookout for casinos that offer the most bonuses. You would need to consider the amount offered as bonus in relation to how much you want to deposit and how much you must earn to be allowed to withdraw your earnings. Some casinos also offer loyalty programs that may get you more rewards.

Casino member restrictions

Some casinos restrict memberships to players from select countries. You would thus need to be sure that the casino accepts players from your country or region. Sometimes the accepted methods of depositing or withdrawing funds may be options that may not be available to people of certain countries. Be sure to check all this before selecting a casino online.

Accredited organizations and reviews

There are several scam casinos online and you can avoid them by only sticking to casinos that are approved or accredited by reputable and recognized online gaming associations and bodies. You should also research to read reviews from past players about their experiences with the casino before making final decisions. you can also read more about best british casino sites here.

Online Casinos - What to Look Out For

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Online casinos can provide you with hours of gaming pleasure within the cosy and convenient environment of your own home. With the growing popularity of online gaming, there are literally hundreds of online casinos such as to choose from. You've worked hard to earn your money so you don't want to throw it away by signing up to a disreputable or scam online casino site, so here are some tips on what to look out for, and how to get the most enjoyment out of your online casino experience.

Firstly, don’t just sign up to the first online casino you come across. You want to find one that’s well established and has a good reputation. Look for a casino that is properly licensed (there should be details on their website) and uses a respectable third-party casino software provider, such as Microgaming, Playtech and Cryptologic. Also, base your decision on the opinions of trusted friends and family members and make sure to read plenty of independent reviews on online casino forums and review sites.

Don’t be tempted to bet more than you can afford to lose. You don't want to risk putting yourself, your family or house in financial danger. Playing in online casinos should be fun and you should see any winnings as an added perk, not an expectation.

Take advantage of the various offers and bonuses advertised at most online casinos, and save your own cash. Welcome, sign-up and no deposit bonuses can give you free money to start playing with, whilst match bonuses can even double the value of your first deposit. Many casinos also offer a free-play option which is a great way to play for fun and practice your skills if you're new to casino games. Finally, don't be tempted to part with money in return for promises of winning strategies or betting systems. You can never expect to beat the house all of the time and anyone who tells you otherwise should not be trusted. While several casino games involve an element of skill, winning is usually down to plain old luck.

If you bear in mind these tips on what to look out for with online casinos, you will hopefully have a happy and healthy gaming experience.

The Biggest Bingo Wins in UK History

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If you’re a fan of playing bingo, you are certainly not alone. Whether you prefer the online version of the game or prefer to take to the bingo hall and play there, it’s fair to say that bingo is a worldwide phenomenon with players of all walks of life. In fact, recent studies have shown that there are over 100 million bingo players worldwide!

If you play bingo as a hobby but would of course love to win big, we’ve put together a list of some of the biggest bingo wins in UK history to show you just what is possible. These stories are so astonishing and unbelievable that it’s almost impossible not to burst with jealousy!

John Orchard - £5.9million – 2012

The worlds biggest ever Bingo win – let alone the UKs - came in December 2012 when a Jobcentre worker scooped a staggering £5.9million. John Orchard, 60, had been playing bingo online with hundreds of other games from around the world when his numbers came up and had only been playing on the ButlersBingo website for a few days before his extraordinary win on a wheel of fortune-type of game on Sunday morning.

He had only placed a 30p stake but after the win he banked a life-changing £5,883,044.43.Read more about his incredible story (and take a peek at the life-changing cheque!) on the Daily Mail website.

Georgios M - £5.1million - 2009

Ok so we may have cheated with this one slightly as Georgios M is Greek, but his win was just too special to not include. He was the world record holder of the biggest bingo win for an impressive 3 years after hitting the (very) big time when winning £5.1million on his favourite casino sites that lead him to play online bingo. Therefore giving online bingo a go on sites like Beter Bingo has never felt like a more exciting concept before!

Soraya Lowell - £1.2million – 2008

Lowell, a cleaner from Lanarkshire experienced her own slice of the bingo jackpot pie when she won a colossal £1,167,795 at the Club 3000 bingo hall in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire.However, her celebrations may have been rather short lived as she is being pursued by South Lanarkshire Council, Scotland, after her and her husband failed to pay a £13,214 council tax bill.

Christine Bradfield - £1.1million – 2008

Christine Bradfield, from Bargoed in Caerphilly County, won more than £1.1m at The Castle Club in Merthyr Tydfil.The 53-year-old won the National Bingo Game's platinum prize at the Sunday night session at the club. The grandmother millionairess even went back to work at a petrol station as a cashier for £5.50 per hour, as she claimed she’d feel too tempted to spend all her days shopping and would therefore spend her money too quickly!

Fill Your Pocket With Bonuses and Jackpots

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If you are looking for an opportunity through which you can grow your bank balance, then do not waste any more time and jump into the world of Casino. It offers you games from diverse fields such as roulette, slots poker and video poker games among others, and provides ample chances to win in the form of bonus and jackpot. Once you complete one stage of a game, you win bonus and if you win the whole game among all the players then you are offered the jackpot. Progressive jackpot is considered as one of the jackpots possessing the highest value. It is available either in the case of slot machine games or poker. The concept is simple- the jackpot amount increases by small amounts after each round of game that ultimately increases its total value. So, whenever any player wins the jackpot he gets a large amount of money in exchange of the jackpot.

In order to retain the current players and attract new players at the same time, casino owners offer different types of bonuses. Firstly many sites offer sign up bonus as soon as any player deposits a certain amount of money before playing. Another type of bonus is the no deposit bonus wherein the player gets a small amount of bonus without depositing any money initially. These bonuses cannot be assumed to be in the form of cash every time. A third type of bonus is the non cashable bonus which cannot be exchanged for hard cash but it gets added up in the player’s balance. Every site declares the type of bonus offered by it. So keep an eye on the bonus details and other prizes before signing in.

If you are aiming for the progressive jackpots, then it is better to play Slot or Poker but before that acquaint yourself with the betting knowledge of the games. It is better to try with the web based casino game first if you are a beginner because the casino is not everybody’s cup of tea! You really need to be patient enough to earn money from casino games since it is a game of sheer luck and betting skills.

Online Poker in the United States

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Can it start again despite the limitations

After several years of being banned in the United States, the country is now opening its doors for online poker operators to offer their services to the Americans. Although they can now resume their operations in the country, the country is still in a state of transition as to how these companies will begin offering games to the public. While some countries are willing to embrace virtual poker as a way to increase state revenue, others still weigh their decisions carefully, thinking that these gaming ventures might bring more problems than progress. No matter what side these states are on, industry experts, economists, and the academe as well see this move as a way to bolster the country’s economic plans.
Whittier College professor Nelson Rose explained that although the return of online poker in the US can generate billions of dollars in revenue, there are still complexities which should be taken into consideration. Furthermore, he added that poker operators can breathe a new air in these times of economic stagnation.
“There’s so much legal gaming in this country that legalizing one form is no big deal politically, but there’s so much legal gaming in this country that almost every state has very powerful, entrenched special interests. Legal gaming already exists and says: We’re in favor of Internet poker as long as we’re the ones that get the money,” Rose said.

Online poker in other countries
Unlike in other European countries where online gaming is completely regulated by a centralized commission, online gaming in the US is confined by varying gaming policies. There are only a few states in the US where online poker is allowed, and these include the states of Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. While Nevada has long embraced online poker, New Jersey and Delaware are set to open their doors to the game come the end of the year. Other states like Pennsylvania are currently working on some procedures to do the same.

Atlantic City: The Vegas of East Coast
While Las Vegas still remains as the most popular poker center in the US, another city has been eyed by many online poker providers. The second biggest gaming city in the US, Atlantic City, is a home to the poker and casino players on the East Coast. Additionally, the revenue gathered from the gaming industry of the city has contributed profusely to its economic growth. Unfortunately, due to the unstable gaming guidelines and increasing competitors from other states, the city is losing its glitz and glamor to the players and investors alike.
On the bright side, Atlantic City has been proactive in luring back investors and players, with the news about the development of the {Atlantic City} coastline reaching the ears of casino tycoons. Furthermore, the government of New Jersey reported that the state collected $2 billion revenue from Atlantic City alone. Because the city has become inhabitable again for gaming to thrive, partypoker operator Bwin has decided to launch its gaming endeavors in the United States in partnership with MGM Resorts International and Boyd Gaming. With the news about online poker reclaiming its former glory in the US, the future of gaming in the country is certainly promising.