Online Casinos - What to Look Out For

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Online casinos can provide you with hours of gaming pleasure within the cosy and convenient environment of your own home. With the growing popularity of online gaming, there are literally hundreds of online casinos such as to choose from. You've worked hard to earn your money so you don't want to throw it away by signing up to a disreputable or scam online casino site, so here are some tips on what to look out for, and how to get the most enjoyment out of your online casino experience.

Firstly, don’t just sign up to the first online casino you come across. You want to find one that’s well established and has a good reputation. Look for a casino that is properly licensed (there should be details on their website) and uses a respectable third-party casino software provider, such as Microgaming, Playtech and Cryptologic. Also, base your decision on the opinions of trusted friends and family members and make sure to read plenty of independent reviews on online casino forums and review sites.

Don’t be tempted to bet more than you can afford to lose. You don't want to risk putting yourself, your family or house in financial danger. Playing in online casinos should be fun and you should see any winnings as an added perk, not an expectation.

Take advantage of the various offers and bonuses advertised at most online casinos, and save your own cash. Welcome, sign-up and no deposit bonuses can give you free money to start playing with, whilst match bonuses can even double the value of your first deposit. Many casinos also offer a free-play option which is a great way to play for fun and practice your skills if you're new to casino games. Finally, don't be tempted to part with money in return for promises of winning strategies or betting systems. You can never expect to beat the house all of the time and anyone who tells you otherwise should not be trusted. While several casino games involve an element of skill, winning is usually down to plain old luck.

If you bear in mind these tips on what to look out for with online casinos, you will hopefully have a happy and healthy gaming experience.

The Biggest Bingo Wins in UK History

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If you’re a fan of playing bingo, you are certainly not alone. Whether you prefer the online version of the game or prefer to take to the bingo hall and play there, it’s fair to say that bingo is a worldwide phenomenon with players of all walks of life. In fact, recent studies have shown that there are over 100 million bingo players worldwide!

If you play bingo as a hobby but would of course love to win big, we’ve put together a list of some of the biggest bingo wins in UK history to show you just what is possible. These stories are so astonishing and unbelievable that it’s almost impossible not to burst with jealousy!

John Orchard - £5.9million – 2012

The worlds biggest ever Bingo win – let alone the UKs - came in December 2012 when a Jobcentre worker scooped a staggering £5.9million. John Orchard, 60, had been playing bingo online with hundreds of other games from around the world when his numbers came up and had only been playing on the ButlersBingo website for a few days before his extraordinary win on a wheel of fortune-type of game on Sunday morning.

He had only placed a 30p stake but after the win he banked a life-changing £5,883,044.43.Read more about his incredible story (and take a peek at the life-changing cheque!) on the Daily Mail website.

Georgios M - £5.1million - 2009

Ok so we may have cheated with this one slightly as Georgios M is Greek, but his win was just too special to not include. He was the world record holder of the biggest bingo win for an impressive 3 years after hitting the (very) big time when winning £5.1million on his favourite casino sites that lead him to play online bingo. Therefore giving online bingo a go on sites like Beter Bingo has never felt like a more exciting concept before!

Soraya Lowell - £1.2million – 2008

Lowell, a cleaner from Lanarkshire experienced her own slice of the bingo jackpot pie when she won a colossal £1,167,795 at the Club 3000 bingo hall in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire.However, her celebrations may have been rather short lived as she is being pursued by South Lanarkshire Council, Scotland, after her and her husband failed to pay a £13,214 council tax bill.

Christine Bradfield - £1.1million – 2008

Christine Bradfield, from Bargoed in Caerphilly County, won more than £1.1m at The Castle Club in Merthyr Tydfil.The 53-year-old won the National Bingo Game's platinum prize at the Sunday night session at the club. The grandmother millionairess even went back to work at a petrol station as a cashier for £5.50 per hour, as she claimed she’d feel too tempted to spend all her days shopping and would therefore spend her money too quickly!

Online Poker in the United States

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Can it start again despite the limitations

After several years of being banned in the United States, the country is now opening its doors for online poker operators to offer their services to the Americans. Although they can now resume their operations in the country, the country is still in a state of transition as to how these companies will begin offering games to the public. While some countries are willing to embrace virtual poker as a way to increase state revenue, others still weigh their decisions carefully, thinking that these gaming ventures might bring more problems than progress. No matter what side these states are on, industry experts, economists, and the academe as well see this move as a way to bolster the country’s economic plans.
Whittier College professor Nelson Rose explained that although the return of online poker in the US can generate billions of dollars in revenue, there are still complexities which should be taken into consideration. Furthermore, he added that poker operators can breathe a new air in these times of economic stagnation.
“There’s so much legal gaming in this country that legalizing one form is no big deal politically, but there’s so much legal gaming in this country that almost every state has very powerful, entrenched special interests. Legal gaming already exists and says: We’re in favor of Internet poker as long as we’re the ones that get the money,” Rose said.

Online poker in other countries
Unlike in other European countries where online gaming is completely regulated by a centralized commission, online gaming in the US is confined by varying gaming policies. There are only a few states in the US where online poker is allowed, and these include the states of Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. While Nevada has long embraced online poker, New Jersey and Delaware are set to open their doors to the game come the end of the year. Other states like Pennsylvania are currently working on some procedures to do the same.

Atlantic City: The Vegas of East Coast
While Las Vegas still remains as the most popular poker center in the US, another city has been eyed by many online poker providers. The second biggest gaming city in the US, Atlantic City, is a home to the poker and casino players on the East Coast. Additionally, the revenue gathered from the gaming industry of the city has contributed profusely to its economic growth. Unfortunately, due to the unstable gaming guidelines and increasing competitors from other states, the city is losing its glitz and glamor to the players and investors alike.
On the bright side, Atlantic City has been proactive in luring back investors and players, with the news about the development of the {Atlantic City} coastline reaching the ears of casino tycoons. Furthermore, the government of New Jersey reported that the state collected $2 billion revenue from Atlantic City alone. Because the city has become inhabitable again for gaming to thrive, partypoker operator Bwin has decided to launch its gaming endeavors in the United States in partnership with MGM Resorts International and Boyd Gaming. With the news about online poker reclaiming its former glory in the US, the future of gaming in the country is certainly promising.

Online Casinos are More Exciting than the Brick and Mortar Ones

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Online casinos have made it easy for gamblers to experience the excitement of gambling with the click of a mouse. Earlier they had to wait for holidays or breaks to take pleasure in the game by visiting a regular or brick and mortar casino. But, now they can play the same games and much more online with the most advanced technological developments. Opportunities galore for gamblers to make money. However, you must be 21 years and above to play online casino games. There are several benefits of playing online casino games, read more about it here:

1. Access your favorite game anywhere and anytime through your computer and internet.

2. You will be entitled to bonuses and promotional offers on online casinos. They offer some of the most attractive bonuses for new joiners and existing ones. Different types of bonuses like sign-up bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, cash-back bonuses, bonuses on making deposits and many more. The promotional offers are always interesting for the existing players.

3. One of the major advantages of playing online games is the convenience in money transfer. You do not have to worry about transferring money to your player’s account. Different types of banking options are available to the players and you can use your card to make payments through secure gateways. You can also use platforms like neTeller, Entropay, myCitadel, and click2pay to make payments.

4. There is more variety in online casino games. You can choose from a large number of different games from the online casinos. The games appear appealing and you can play real-time games on these casinos.

5. The cost of traveling to a brick and mortar casino is redundant in the online version. This saves money which you can invest in playing your favorite online game. Just be careful to find out a legitimate online casino gaming site to receive all the benefits.

The positives of online casino

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In this day and age, it is becoming rarer for people to venture into the city, or large town, just to go to the casino. In fact, living in a small town on the south coast my whole life I don’t think I have ever even seen what a casino looks like. For all I know, they are full of James Bonds and millionaires or, more likely, gambling addicts who are soon to become bankrupt. I have never wanted to go to a casino as I’ve always thought them to be quite intimidating places, but with hundreds of online casino websites to choose from, I don’t have to.

Firstly, I love poker but I have never been very successful as my poker face is truly awful. By playing online, I don’t have to hide any of my expressions as no one can see me. I have also been known to accidentally think aloud so it is an added bonus being able to chat away to myself whilst playing.

Secondly, it is really easy to play in moderation. It may not be the case, but I have always imagined that if I went to the casino I would be quite susceptible and end up spending twice or three times the amount I would have wanted to. By playing, I only play once a week, maximum, and I limit the amount I spend. I also know that if I ever do have a problem with gambling addiction, there is help available and in the worst case, after doing everything they can for me, the website will delete my account and ban me from the website. They use special identifying program if I try to create a new account to aid this move.

Thirdly, there is so much variety. If ever I feel like a change from poker, there are so many varieties of slot, roulette, blackjack or other card and table games that there’s a miniscule chance of me getting bored.

Of course, there are reasons why some people prefer going to physical casinos but for me there is no attraction.

Some of the biggest online casinos are located right in Australia. That is where some of the most popular games were developed. Websites like the All Slots Casino with its famous collection of real money casino slots are extremely popular in the country. Slots are also called pokies there.

Online Roulette playing Versus Physical Casino Playing: Which One Is the Best?

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Online roulette are among the most popular games in the world today. The popularity is as a result of many benefits associated with it as compared to the traditional physical casinos. With just a computer and internet connection, you are ready to have a fun time playing the game.

There are many benefits that make majority opt for the online version of this game as compared to the traditional version. First, it reduces the hassles of life that comes with playing locally. With the online game, you can just play at your convenience. Do you come from a place where casinos are regarded shamefully? You can now catch your roulette game online. If it is your first time to play roulette on the internet or anywhere, you will have a great learning experience without losing money. You can start by playing for fun money online.

Concentration and attention is the key for winning in every game. At home, you get all the concentration you could wish for. You are in a perfect position to control everything happening around you, thus you are even able to control the noise level. The same cannot be said of the physical casino, where you are forced to get your concentration while drunkard people are fighting, cheering, yelling and doing all sorts of things that will affect your chain of concentration.

Online roulette games are better off as compared to traditional playing. With the latter, you only get to play the game that is in line, and that is not all, you will have to wait for the player to vacate your favorite slot machine for you to get a chance. Online playing provides each player with wide variety of roulette options. There are several philosophies when playing the game, and many systems are being used as part of it. It is highly recommended to study these systems to better your game and tactics for future games. get more info here and master your game to perfection.

The availability of many websites offering fun and entertainment of this sort creates unique games to attract many players. You can select a different game in a matter of seconds. It is also very easy to manage your money by keeping an eye on the bankroll. Online roulette have many benefits and the only way to know them is to sign up and play.

Casino Games Are Great To Relax with

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Casinos are known for various gambling games where you can put an amount of money as wager and predict the outcome. If your prediction comes alive then you win the game and the amount placed as wager gets doubled. People play them for different reasons but the truth is casino games are great way to relax. Some people just want to try games because they feel good about it. When they predict and win they feel as if they are lucky whereas some want to enjoy the thrill. The excitement and the changing mood of players from happy to sad or vise-versa make many addicted to these casino games.

Any game you talk about there can only be one winner. Same is the rule with these games. You must not play casino games for earning money. These games are only for fun and must be played with money which will not affect your daily life when lost. If you try the game for earning big then you cannot afford to lose and the fun will be lost.

You can beat your boredom or get away from the bad environment and unwind after a stressful day by playing. When you play casino games your mind will get involved in making strategy so that your opponent can be defeated. You will also watch and try to analyze the other players move. All these will divert your mind and provide you a brief escape from the reality of life.

If you can make it to the live casinos then along with the game the crazy atmosphere of casinos will surely keep you engaged. You can also play the game any casino online. They also provide no less entertainment moreover you can get great customer service and bonus sitting from the luxury of your home. In online casinos also you have options to select from and they also play some music while the game is on, so that the players can relax throughout the game.

Place the wager on good cause while gaming. If you win the amount it can be spent on charity and this will surely bring happiness in your mind. Casinos are also a great place for socializing. You can fix a time and enjoy the gaming world with your friends. Chitchat with friends on the gaming table with a glass of drink in hand which will surely relax your mind.


5 ways bingo is better online

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For years, bingo has meant a trip to your local bingo hall, but as Bob Dylan once said (probably not about bingo) ‘the times, they are a-changing’, and as with pretty much everything else, you can now do it on the Internet. ‘Sacrilege!’ you may shout at the thought of playing bingo anywhere else other than the bingo hall, but here are 5 ways that bingo is actually better online…

1. You can play whenever you want

So it’s bingo night and you’re all excited. You’ve ironed your best pair of socks and you’ve perfected your ‘entering the bingo hall’ walk, but you’ve just remembered that your daughter and her annoying boyfriend with the jeans that are far too tight are coming for dinner and have ruined the whole evening.

With online bingo, you don’t have that problem. You no longer have to fit yourself around bingo; you can make bingo fit around you. Online bingo games start every few minutes, so you can literally come and go as you please. If you want to play at 2am in the bath or sat on the sofa in your pants then that’s fine. You can even get that little black dress out if you really want to, just as long as the wife doesn’t mind. With online bingo, there’s no-one there to judge.
2. Free money

Money makes the world go round, and with online bingo you can get some for free. Sort of. There are loads of offers available, particularly when you first sign up and if you’re savvy then you can take advantage of them. It may be a cheap ploy to get your business, but you can worry about that when you’re sipping cocktails in the Bahamas thanks to your winnings (note: you’re not guaranteed to win, obviously).

3. There’s a great variety of games

Imagine a TV with only one channel or a restaurant that served only one dish. Well, that’s what regular bingo can be a bit like sometimes. However, when playing online bingo, you’ll be stunned at the sheer number of different games available. You can play interactive casino-style bingo games or take part in live rooms where you play against other like-minded technologically-minded bingo-holics. With sites such as Bright Bingo, you can play for months without playing the same game twice. Newer players can play in rooms with lower stakes, whilst more experienced players can up the stakes and potentially win stupidly large amounts of money.

4. The community is still there

One of the things people love about going to the bingo is the sense of community and camaraderie and rubbing it in other players’ faces when they win. Well fear not! Many online bingo sites actively encourage community and will have chat rooms and community areas of the site where you can meet other people and wax lyrical about whatever you want, and brag about your winnings of course.

5. There’s so much more than bingo

In the same way that shops put chocolate bars at the checkouts or bowling alleys always have an arcade, bingo sites will often have other areas for you to enjoy and spend your hard-earned money. You can try your hand at roulette, blackjack, slot machines, and myriad other flashy games that have some minor celebrity’s face attached or are sponsored by a Channel 4 quiz show. Basically, imagine Las Vegas casinos the MGM Grand or the Bellagio in your front room. But without Elton John or Barry Manilow turning up.

Mirror Betting System in online play

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Online roulette is a game of pure chance. Every single spin is unrelated to any of the previous spin of the game.

Therefore, the online roulette mirror betting system is only applicable to simple bets. It plays by chance of colors, high/lower, odd/even bets. You must play a sequence of 7 bets that are exactly the opposite of the seven results declared so far.

For example : if you are betting on colors and last seven results declared are as follows B,R,R,B,R,R,R (where B= black and R=Red) . The bet according to the mirror system will be R, B, B, R, B, B, B.

The efficiency of this betting roulette software is supported by mathematical probability. The ratio of repetition in a series of seven bets is 1/128. On a 8 play series the formula used in online roulette system is “2 to the power of 7”. The winning probability formula on a 8 play series in general is however “2 to the power of 8”. The only way to win is having 2 series with precisely similar results in a row. This will bring the winning probability to 1/128 as required.

Your money will last longer and you will have more staying power if you play just below the even with the house. The “even money” bets includes betting on Odd, Even and Low numbers (1 through 18) and high numbers(numbers 19 through 36) and Red or Black Colors. All the wagers receive payout at 1 to 1 ratio. you can get more info at anytime online.

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