5 Key things that happened at this year’s WSOP

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The pressure has finished and the cards have been folded for another year. WSOP may be over but the memories will stay with us a lifetime, and there have been some great ones this year. At the start of July, thousands of challengers took a break from playing poker online and descended on Vegas, ready for a big win.

The WSOP is the largest live poker tournament in history, and the 45th one was no exception as massive crowds of nearly 8,000 players all descended on various casinos in Las Vega.

1) People have won it big
Winner takes all, but there are so many poker games taking place at the WSOP that there always have been many, many winners. Over the past near half a century, there is very little change in the general WSOP format, but there have been quite a few millionaires made from this tournament. And let me tell you – this weekend was no exception.

2) Risky business
Poker is all about the big risks, and of course the WSOP where the biggest perils lie. Many of these players may have started out on free online poker, but the money they use is very real.

The sweat and tears of the game are now in the past, and the main event is over. The winners have been decided, and the losers have folded their last cards. Until next year – when we will gladly do it all over again.

3) The overall winner refused to answer press questions
There was drama as one of the big winners of the WSOP, Daniel Colman, refused to answer any press questions and completely disappeared from the stage after his $15million win. As the press hungrily wanted photos and interviews, the 24 year old hastily made his exit from the stage and refused to speak to anyone. ESPN were said to be furious, after paying huge sums for the rights to exclusive interviews with the winners.

He later slammed the gambling industry as “ugly” and said “I would never in a million years recommend for someone to try and make it as a poker pro”. As he returns to his home state of Massachusetts with several more zeroes on his bank account, it really fair to deny fans and sponsors a few words? Let us know what you think in the comment below.

4) Final woman standing
The one remaining woman left in the tournament is Maria Ho, who outlasted all of the other females to be down for the final poker match. Sadly, she didn’t make it much further, but After all of the dramas and battle of the sexes, Taiwanese Maria has risen to the top of the female set to be crowned glorious winner of the title; Last Woman Standing . Although Ho didn’t end up winning, she was the highest ranking woman and came 77th out of 6,683. She, however, felt like she could’ve gone all of the way. “I’m super disappointed,” she said. “Right now it doesn’t feel super great, but I know I will take a lot of awesome things away from this experience.”

5) Big charity win
And the WSOP is also a great way for charities to earn money, no more so than the Cirque du Solei’s creators personal charity Big One for One Stop. The WSOP’s official charity partner gained a massive $4,666,662.

The charity itself said they innovative water access and management projects which promote self-reliance in disadvantaged, rural and semi-rural regions America, West Africa and Asia. The program aims to change the lives of 1 million impoverished people worldwide.

As the competition draws to a close, the WSOP cards are almost at a rest once again for the year. There have been arguments, big losses, even bigger wins and drama - all we can say is join us here in Glorious Las Vegas for the WSOP next year!

Who Should You Play Against At Live Poker?

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Poker is not just the game of cards but is the game of people’s strategy of winning and being successful with cards. Online poker is quite different when compared to the land based casinos. While playing online you cannot see your opponent and thus it is difficult to know their quality and expertise. The speed and timing is also different compared to land based poker. But, observation is the key to success. You can observe the game and understand your opponent’s tendency. The playing style also will define your opponent. Here are some kind of players against whom you should play in at live poker.

1. The Tight Passive: Tight passive player will play small games only with the best hands. They always have a fear of losing and thus if you are observant you can easily exploit and win against them because they are afraid of aggression.

2. Loose Passive: Players in this category are the easiest to play against. These players usually play like beginners and also do not have a clear idea of how much to bet. They tend to overvalue their hand keeping in mind that they might win. Recognizing loose passive players is very easy because they are the ones who are almost found in every pot and play with two cards.

3. Tight Aggressive: Player in this category will play only a few pots. They are very selective and will pick up only small pots so that they gain experience. Tight Aggressive players are also very patient by nature. They wait for the right opportunity but are not afraid of betting.

4. The Loose Aggressive: They are also called LAG and these players tend to play big. It is very difficult to read these players because of their big play. They use the chip as a weapon and are always aggressive in order to put pressure on the weak player. The biggest weakness of these players is that they use too many hands at a time.

Get Smarter Playing Bingo - Valentine Online Bingo Match

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How smart are bingo players?
Are bingo players smarter than the average person? While such a claim might be hard to support, academics have in fact conducted research and found that experienced bingo players are certainly sharper than novice bingo players – and some veteran bingo players have quite exceptional bingo playing skills.

Could you play 140 bingo cards at the same time?
One study set out to demonstrate that playing bingo actually provides an effective mental stimulus and could be used as a method of maintaining and in fact increasing mental alertness. Apparently, older bingo players have some amazing mental skills, which became apparent in the case of one woman involved in the study, who was able to play bingo with 140 bingo cards in one session – without any errors at all – now that’s impressive at any age!

Bingo multitasking
Another observation made during the study was the difference in strategies employed by older more experienced players and beginner bingo players. Beginner bingo players spent a lot of time scanning for each number as it came up, and then trying to ascertain patterns, but older players appeared to have developed a method where they were able to see these same patterns while they were daubing the numbers as they came up. Overall, older players were quicker and more likely to spot that they had a bingo win than beginner players.

Bingo builds better memory skills
In yet another part of the research, participants were given various cards with numbers on them, just like bingo cards, and allowed a fixed time in which to memorize as many of them as possible. They were then told to throw the cards away and write down all the numbers on a blank piece of paper they could remember from the cards they had studied.

Amazingly, several participants were able to recall complete cards of numbers without error. How was this possible? One participant commented that she had her own special way of remembering numbers. For example, the number 6 she remembered because she had never won on that particular number. Several other bingo players in the study also mentioned their own techniques for memorizing numbers which appeared in the cards.

Sharpen up your bingo skills
As well as being a lot fun to play, it appears there may be some real cognitive benefits to be got from simply playing bingo on a regular basis. So if you’ve ever thought about trying your hand at playing Free Online Bingo, now you have a really good reason to give it a try – it might make you smarter – and you might just win the jackpot while you’re at it!