Guide to Essential Bingo Lingo

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Whether you play at your neighborhood bingo hall, casino or play bingo online, and the game has its very own vocabulary or ‘lingo’ commonly used by players. Some terms may be familiar to you. Others, however, may be new; especially if you are new to playing online bingo or participating in the chat rooms. Below is a list of the more common terms used in bingo.

Admission Packet – The number of cards that a player must purchase before being able to play. Both physical bingo halls and those online will have admission packets.

Bingo Balls – Bingo balls come in a count of either 75 or 90 balls. These are drawn from the hopper at random.

Bingo Caller – The bingo caller acts as an announcer and referee for the game The bingo caller draws bingo balls randomly from the bingo hopper and calls them out to the players.

Cover All – An alternative name used for a blackout bingo game.

Daubers –Bottles filled with water soluble ink which comes in several different colors. These are used to mark off called bingo numbers on bingo sheets. In online bingo, this is done virtually with a computer mouse or touch screen.

Early Bird- Also known as ‘warm up bingo’. Early bird games are 2 -10 games held before the official bingo games. They help players warm up and can ease new people into the game.

Free Space – the square located in the middle of each bingo card or sheet.

Game Pattern - Usually consisting of the five numbers in a row; up, down, across, or diagonal, Game patterns may make up other things such as shapes, an ‘X’, or four corners, for example

Late Bird - Also known as a ‘wrap up game’. Similar to early bird games, there are between 2 -10 bingo games after the regular bingo session.

Nite Owl – Both at the bingo hall and online, nite owl sessions are for hardcore bingo players.

Progressive Jackpot – A prize where the amount of money continues to grow until the final game.

Winner Takes All – Held after the main session where the winner receives all money raised in the sales of bingo sheets or cards for the game.

The lingo used in bingo chatrooms is similar to that found in any chatroom, social media or texting on a phone. When in chat, there are just a couple of things to remember: First, be friendly! You can make new friends through online bingo. It is also important to remember, NO SHOUTING. Shouting is anytime someone types in all capital letters. Just as it’s considered rude to shout in the bingo hall, it’s not a good idea to shout in an online bingo chatroom.

Below are some of the most common trends in most of what you will see along with bingo lingo in use at all online bingo sites.

LOL - Laughing Out Loud

OMG - Oh My God

WD - Well Done

AFK - Away From the Keyboard

BRB - Be Right Back

BBL - Be Back Later

FYI - For Your Information

IMO - In My Opinion

TY - Thank You

NN - Nickname

GG - Good Game

GF - Good Fight

GJ - Good Job

GL - Good Luck

GLA - Good Luck All

BLNG - Better Luck Next Game

HB - Hurry Back

CA - Cover All

CH - Chat Host

TG - To Go - (how many are left)

SAC - Sorry A$$ Cards

BOGOF - Buy One Get One Free

F2P - Free to play

P2P - Pay to play

Of course, this is just a start. Every site is different and you may find that there are different terms used where you play. The best way to learn the terms is to practice. If there are any terms you aren’t sure about, fellow players are often more than happy to explain them. After a few sessions, they’ll become second nature.

Play bingo games to live a happy life every day!

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Playing Bingo for Money

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Bingo players today now start to play online bingo for money. The fact that bingo is fun and now that modern technology is on our side to help us connect to more people all over the world, online games have become popular and we all know that we can all gain money from it. What’s better than playing and gaining money, right? Both sounds a lot of fun!

Online bingo for money is safe and secure – if you know the right websites to play in. The first rule in the book is that you should always ensure that you are playing on a reputable website. Don’t go for a website that you haven’t heard of! Since there are a lot of online casinos that offer bingo online for money, they will need you to open an account with them and make deposits through trusted online payment methods. At the same time, players also get attractive and generous bonuses for certain deposits. However, you have to remember that there are some that don’t offer bingo bonuses. Another thing that you should keep in mind is to try out the bingo games first on a particular online casino before you decide to deposit some money. You have to feel the “feel” in that casino first and see for yourself if it’s something that you are comfortable playing in.

There are a lot of bingo players all over the world that plays on these online casinos and most of them are definitely playing bingo for money. Online bingo for money is really popular these days. In fact, there are some bingo players who come together online at least once a week and talk about bingo and exchange tips on online bingo. You see, bingo is so fun and the game itself is really about luck. You don’t need any tactics, you don’t have to twist your brain to come up with strategies, it is simple and easy to play. However, nobody likes to lose!

One of the things that you should keep in mind when playing bingo for money is the numbers of players in a bingo hall. If you get in a bingo hall with a huge number of players, rest assured that they are all fighting for a bigger jackpot but in turn, there are less chances of winning. On the other hand, if you happen to come to a hall with a smaller number of players, that only means that the players are fighting for a smaller jackpot but with bigger chances of hitting Bingo! You should find your own comfortable balance and just keep playing. It is a good thing to try two different halls and see where you are most comfortable in.

Online bingo for money is a friendly game and there are some people who come together to play this to raise money for a cause and at the same time, have a good time! Nothing wrong with money bingo just as long as you’re doing it right!

How to play the best Bingo jackpot games ?

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Playing a game of bingo, can be quite an entertainment. It also gives us breaks from our workaholic routines and gives us a reason to look forward to something. With online bingo, coming into picture, players no longer have to hit the traditional bingo ball rooms or drive down to casinos, for they could now play on a number of bingo sites in just a click of the button!

But the question is how to play smart and ensure you are winning? So here are a few tips to assist you in picking up a site to strengthen your chances of winning while playing a jackpot bingo game.

• Pre buy the bingo jackpot tickets: The chance of your winning the game will be more if you purchase more tickets. You may Pre buy your bingo game tickets and cards much before the game begins and also go through the list of upcoming jackpot games.

• Look for no deposit games: A plenty of high deposit jackpot bingo games are offered to players at any of the reliable bingo sites and they will often give you the chance of playing their jackpot games with no or minimum deposit. Try looking for some free bingo games, before you actually make a deposit to access the big jackpot games.

• Site having many jackpot games Most of the popular online bingo sites offer high stake games. There are in fact a number of online bingo sites with exclusive promotions and huge jackpots which keep on updating with time. You just to choose the right one for yourself and make the first move. You could try checking out the BingoDiamond promotions of the month here.

• Check out the terms and conditions: Logging in to any bingo site, you would come across a number of unique terms and conditions linked to some promotion or bonus. Go through all of them carefully, because you would investing real cash in it! Just to be 100% sure that you can use that bonus on jackpot bingo games available on the site.

Bingo Diamond, powered by Microgaming software has been doing good for a while now. You could play bingo here on a buy one get one ticket free scheme. Which means the more you buy, the more free tickets you receive!

An In-Depth Look at the Bonuses and Rewards You can Expect when Playing Bingo

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Bonuses and rewards are plentiful when it comes to online bingo, as any bingo enthusiast would tell you. This is part of the reason why online bingo is so popular – you not only have the chance to win some great prizes when you play; you also have the chance to receive numerous rewards and bonuses given away by reputable bingo gaming sites.

But if you are still a newbie at online bingo, you may be a bit confused with regards to rewards and bonuses. Some questions many new members ask is: when do I get a bonus? Another question is; when do I get a reward? Well, this is where all your questions will get answered.

Rewards and bonuses: what’s the difference?

First of all, there really is hardly any difference between the two. At the end of the day, they both come to the same thing: they are for your own benefit. Gaming sites which offer rewards and bonuses give them to their new and existing members for the simple reason that it encourages them to sign up or play. It’s as simple as that. So of course, the more rewards and bonuses a site gives, the more people will sign up or play as often as possible.

The main difference

The main difference between rewards and bonuses, though, is this: you can get a bingo bonus when you sign up at a site and when you reload. You can get a reward every time you play. Basically, bonuses are given by gaming sites to those who sign up for the first time, and to members who deposit or reload a certain amount. These are called sign up and reload bonuses, respectively. As soon as you sign up or register with a site, you can receive a bonus, which will be deposited directly into the account you created. These bonuses are often in the form of funds, which you can use to play bingo or which you can also withdraw. Keep in mind, though, that there are sites which allow you to withdraw the funds, whilst there are some that do not. In some sites, you can only use the funds for playing, so it’s best to find this out from the beginning.

Terms and conditions with rewards and bonuses

As mentioned above, there are certain terms and conditions related to rewards and bonuses. Some bonuses can be withdrawn, whilst other bonuses can only be used for playing. But even bonuses that you can only use to play with are still significant, because you can win real money whilst playing a game. On the other hand, rewards are usually given only at the end of a week or a month, and are often credited to your online account. If you play more often, you will receive more rewards.