Get Smarter Playing Bingo - Valentine Online Bingo Match

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How smart are bingo players?
Are bingo players smarter than the average person? While such a claim might be hard to support, academics have in fact conducted research and found that experienced bingo players are certainly sharper than novice bingo players – and some veteran bingo players have quite exceptional bingo playing skills.

Could you play 140 bingo cards at the same time?
One study set out to demonstrate that playing bingo actually provides an effective mental stimulus and could be used as a method of maintaining and in fact increasing mental alertness. Apparently, older bingo players have some amazing mental skills, which became apparent in the case of one woman involved in the study, who was able to play bingo with 140 bingo cards in one session – without any errors at all – now that’s impressive at any age!

Bingo multitasking
Another observation made during the study was the difference in strategies employed by older more experienced players and beginner bingo players. Beginner bingo players spent a lot of time scanning for each number as it came up, and then trying to ascertain patterns, but older players appeared to have developed a method where they were able to see these same patterns while they were daubing the numbers as they came up. Overall, older players were quicker and more likely to spot that they had a bingo win than beginner players.

Bingo builds better memory skills
In yet another part of the research, participants were given various cards with numbers on them, just like bingo cards, and allowed a fixed time in which to memorize as many of them as possible. They were then told to throw the cards away and write down all the numbers on a blank piece of paper they could remember from the cards they had studied.

Amazingly, several participants were able to recall complete cards of numbers without error. How was this possible? One participant commented that she had her own special way of remembering numbers. For example, the number 6 she remembered because she had never won on that particular number. Several other bingo players in the study also mentioned their own techniques for memorizing numbers which appeared in the cards.

Sharpen up your bingo skills
As well as being a lot fun to play, it appears there may be some real cognitive benefits to be got from simply playing bingo on a regular basis. So if you’ve ever thought about trying your hand at playing Free Online Bingo, now you have a really good reason to give it a try – it might make you smarter – and you might just win the jackpot while you’re at it!