Why Are Online Casinos Set to Thrive in 2018?

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Local casinos don’t seem to be growing in power these days, primarily because online gaming has been taking over in the last decade. Things don’t look to be slowing down for online casino owners either, as business is set to increase once more in 2018. What are the main reasons why the online casino industry will continue to grow throughout 2018?

Online Casinos Will Provide Better Gameplay

With the latest technology and software making its way into the platforms of online casinos, it means online slot game players are provided with much better gameplay to increase entertainment. An online casino New Jersey based, like Play Sugar House, is already invested in such software because they know it’s going to provide better graphics, sounds, and gameplay for their customers. Gameplay is the true difference in staying competitive in a tough market to stay successful in, which is why many of them increase their investments considerably when it comes to the software they use.

Increase in Investments

As stated above, online casinos use different software to provide the gameplay to their players they already do. However, they are actually very limited in the software available to them. Some pieces of software provide many more games but have worse graphics and sounds, whereas others provide less games but are much more attractive to look at and use. Online casinos are now putting much more money into the software, so they can provide both elements. Investments don’t just stop there either, as many online casinos are now putting millions into marketing strategies so they can stay competitive.

More Games

Because of the many more competitors that are set to go on the market in 2018, the established casino businesses around the world are already looking at more ways to stay competitive. They’re doing that by implementing more software and adding a huge range of games to their already large database. They’re looking to give their customers more variety over their competitors so they can stay ahead of the competition. Ultimately, this will help established casinos thrive in 2018.

Better Technology for Players to Take Advantage Of

With more and more players opting for a mobile phone slot game playing experience, many others prefer to use tablets and iPads. Because of the technology that’s now available to players so they have numerous devices to play slot games on, it means online casinos are once again seeing the benefits. No longer do players have to go out to the casino or sit at home, they can now play their favorite slots during their bus and train journeys. Technology is set to improve again in 2018, and that means faster mobile internet and more devices for players to choose from.

The above doesn’t necessarily mean local casinos are going to suffer hugely, as they provide numerous other benefits. It just means the online casino industry is set to get even more competitive – and that’s not just great for the casino industry, it’s great for the players looking to increase their online playing experience as much as possible.

5 Things To Look For When Choosing An Online Casino

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These days, not everyone has the time or energy to fit a proper trip to a real casino into their daily schedule. The nearest one might still be a long trip away, or you might face other inconveniences that cut into your chances to play on the floor. Fortunately for you, online casinos are snowballing in popularity thanks to the modern age of the internet. If you want to dip your toes into the online gambling scene, take a look at a few of the things you should look for when choosing where to spend your chips.

Check The Terms And Conditions

Like a brick-and-mortar casino, online casinos that are legitimate should have plenty of terms and conditions for you to read through. They should be thorough, sensible, and fair. Make sure you read all terms and conditions, whether it’s for the casino on a whole, for specific games, or for online bonuses. Keep an eye out for tricky wording designed to part you from your money, or give you unfair payouts.

Make Sure They’re Licensed

This is arguably one of the most important parts of finding a reputable online casino. They should have their license details available somewhere on the web page. Though it may not always be easy to find, it will still be viewable to the audience. This differs slightly from local casinos, which don’t necessarily display their license credentials. Things are different online however, where it’s much easier for scammers to set up shop. They can steal your personal information and money easily, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry and really scrutinize the credentials you see.

See If They Encourage Responsibility

A reputable, good online casino should generally be encouraging responsible gambling. This includes setting an age limit for those placing bets on the site, which is usually either 18 or 21 depending on the state. The most reputable shops will always have a notification alerting potential patrons to this age limit in a very visible spot. Some won’t even allow you to access the site without clicking a button to ensure that you’re of legal gambling age. Other online casinos will even include information about helplines and other resources for gambling addicts, displaying a care that rip-off shops won’t have.

Check The Reviews

With a discerning eye, of course. Much like any other place that sells goods or services online, virtual casinos have plenty of reviews for you to browse through. Check to see if the ratings are high. Are the games fun? Are the rules fair? Have there been any issues with follow-ups or payouts after having won a game? The reviews will be exactly where you’ll find the answer to these questions and many more. Just make sure you read angry reviews with a grain of salt. One bad review in a sea of good ones doesn’t reflect much on a shop, but a bunch of bad reviews indicates a problem. Keep an eye out for bot reviews too, which can falsely inflate the reputation of a site.

Check The Locality

A lot of NJ online casinos are designed for the use of people within the state, and many other online casinos function in the same way. This is for many reasons, including the fact that taxes apply differently to casino earnings in different states. If you’re playing from one state that has tax laws differing from the state in which your casino is “located” or serving, it can make figuring out the prize taxes a little bit sticky. There are some online casinos that are open for general use, no matter where a gambler is located. However, these sites can affect your download speeds and you may have difficulty connecting your cards in order to spend money in the first place.


From there, online casinos function very similarly to traditional ones. Some even have live dealers that you can interact with via Skype or other video streams, adding to the social appeal. Plenty of the usual games like baccarat, blackjack, and craps are also available in virtual form. Take a look around at your online casino choices and see if you can find one that’s right for you!

Classic Slots are Making a Comeback

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How many of you out there remember the classic slots from the 30’s-40’s? Those gleaming metal slots were everywhere back then. The corner drug store, the diner, the local bar. It seemed every business had a slot machine on their counter. People loved trying a pull on the one-armed bandit for chance at a jackpot.

Back then, slots usually cost a nickel a pull and the payouts were nice, but by no means near the progressive jackpots amounts we see nowadays. The nostalgia for all things old is bringing classic slots back to casino floors for a whole new generation to enjoy. If you haven’t tried classic slots yet, now’s the time. Game developers are releasing new and exciting classic slot titles regularly, with no sign of slowing down.

Classic slots have a few defining characteristics. First, they’re usually three-reel, single-payline slots. The low reel and payline count makes for simple slot play. Nowadays, you can find five-reel, twenty five-payline slots with dozens of tiles in play per spin. Who can keep track of all that?!? Classic slots are easy to understand and fun to play.

Another characteristic of classic slots is the theme. Most often, you’ll find fruit (cherries, lemons, and oranges) and bells, with some BAR’s scattered in as well. Like I said, simple. The minimalistic design is so different from the flashing, noisy slots you see in casinos now. This hearkens back to a more sophisticated time in gambling’s history. Think gin martinis and dinner jackets, with players making a formal event of a night at the casino.

If this sounds a little too plain-Jane for your tastes, try a progressive classic slot. Just because the gameplay and theme is classic, that doesn’t mean these slots haven’t gotten a few upgrades. Classic progressive slots are a mainstay in most casinos, as well as bonus play classic slots. You’re sure to find a classic slot that you love playing.

You can even select your wager amount. No more nickel pulls, unless that’s what you want. You can play as little as a penny per pull all the way to high roller amounts of $100 or more a pull!

With so many people returning to classic slots, expect to see more of them casinos everywhere.

Playing Slots on Windows Phone

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If you have a Windows phone, then you are able to play slot games on your device with ease. It is pretty simple to create an account and start playing your favourite slots on your Windows phone. If you are looking for slots to play then muchgames has slots for your Windows phone.

Getting Started with Windows Phone Slots

The first thing that you will need to do is find a casino that is compatible with your Windows phone. The easiest way to do this is to search the Internet and once you have found a casino, just read some reviews to find out if it is a safe and reputable casino. Once, you have found a casino that will work on your Windows phone, you will just need to visit the mobile version of the site through your browser or you can download the app if there is one. Sign up to an account, deposit real money and that’s it, you can start playing real money slot games.

On Windows phone, Internet Explorer is the main web browser that offers great compatibility and offers the full desktop experience on your smartphone.

Game Selection for Windows Phone

There is a great game selection for your Windows phone. You will be able to find the best slot games, which you can play on your smartphone. There are traditional offerings like classic 3 reel slot games and more advanced and interesting multi-reel slots games that offer more betting options. You will also find that you are able to play progressive jackpots slots where you could win a life-changing sum of money from your phone.

The more modern video slot games that you are able to play on your Windows phone offer great features and gameplay. These slots have unique themes and bonus rounds where you are able to win more. Bonus features for these slots include free spins, pick me bonuses, various wilds and more. These advanced games have been optimized for smaller screens and offer the same features and functionality, as you would get on your desktop.

As long as you sign up to a reputable Windows compatible casino, you will experience safe and secure gambling and slot play. You will be able to make secure deposits and withdrawals, spin the reels with crisp and clear graphics and enjoy everything that these games offer whilst on the go.

Top Casino Games That Take No Skill

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The lavish world of casino gambling has had a meteoric rise to fame over the years with films featuring poker, blackjack and the like. But it is the games with less media coverage that might actually make you the most money. Skill games require huge amounts of concentration, strategy and complex tactics that could make your head spin, if this is the case, it might be a good idea to try your hand at the less skilful games that places like Platinum Play Casino have to offer.


Probably the most high profile of all the non-skill casino games is roulette. This game can sometimes be the easiest way to lose money on a game, placing money on red or black can double your money and the amount of money placed directly reflects your return. The more risk you take in placing large sum of money the higher your return can be. Placing chips on the numbered squares of a roulette table can also increase the potential return on investment but the odds are worse, meaning your chance of winning is a lot less.


Slots can also be an excellent way to build a bankroll that takes no skill at all. There are a huge variety of slots both online and in real casinos that you can try your hand at. Slots are extremely simple and you would find it difficult not to understand how to play.Simply add credit to machines and keep an eye on the screen to see if any of the images displayed match up, if they do, you could be taking home a big pay-out. The main drawback to slots however is that it can get quite repetitive and the amount of money inputted into the machine could get quite large as you continue to play. The reward for these type of games can be massive, with progressive jackpots growing and growing you could find yourself going home with huge sums of money.


Probably one of the lesser known non-skill games offered by casinos but the potential return on investment can be extremely high. Both yourself and the dealer are dealt two cards and the winner is the player whose card value is closest to 9. It’s as simple as that. The potential returns are entirely based on how much you are willing to bet, unlike slots, and the high risk can ultimately bring high reward or a devastating loss.