Do you love slots? Then why not try roulette?

Written by Super User. Posted in Casino Culture

Any fan of slot machines will tell you that there is nothing quite like the rush you get from seeing the reels land and realising you have hit a big win. It’s this feeling that makes people come back for more, and leads the game developers to continue making the games bigger and better. It is true that the rush is incredible, but those who tell you there is nothing like it would be wrong.

The excitement and thrill that you get from playing roulette is similar to slot machines. Players also have more power. They can choose where they would like to place their chips in the hope that the ball will land where they predict. As slot machines have the flashing lights and sounds to add to the buzz, roulette players will tell you of the tingle down the spine they receive as they watch the croupier spin the wheel, drop the ball in, and eventually watch it rattle round and settle in its final location.

Players who like to play online may wonder how they can enjoy this experience fully from their computer screens. A lot of online casinos have solved this problem by allowing players to play online roulette on real tables. The sites have live links to casinos with croupiers who players can watch spin the wheel and drop the ball. Sometimes the players have the opportunity to chat to, and tip, the dealer. Some live casinos even have the tables shown live on Sky TV, so players can have 100% faith that the game is reliable.

People who play slots may be thinking that roulette sounds tempting, but it just doesn’t have the same kind of variety of slot machines. Slot machines come in all shapes and sizes, with hundreds and thousands of different themes and special features. It is true that roulette can’t boast such a huge range of games. Even so, there are plenty of different forms of roulette that players can enjoy to mix things up a little.

The best place to experience the different ways to play roulette is in an online casino. As with slots, the sites must have a wide array of games to play to keep people interested. As online casinos have grown in popularity and the competition between sites has become fiercer, more and more forms of roulette have come about. Players can now enjoy traditional, American, Premier, European, Multi-wheel, and French forms of roulette along with many more.

The good thing about playing these games online is that if you are unsure about the rules of different games, the help features will explain everything for you. That is an important point to consider if you are planning on giving the games a try - make sure you are familiar with the rules first.

So, if you love slots and feel like mixing things up a bit, why not give roulette a try every now and then? You may even find that it becomes your new favourite game.