Classic Slots are Making a Comeback

Written by Super User. Posted in Casino Culture

How many of you out there remember the classic slots from the 30’s-40’s? Those gleaming metal slots were everywhere back then. The corner drug store, the diner, the local bar. It seemed every business had a slot machine on their counter. People loved trying a pull on the one-armed bandit for chance at a jackpot.

Back then, slots usually cost a nickel a pull and the payouts were nice, but by no means near the progressive jackpots amounts we see nowadays. The nostalgia for all things old is bringing classic slots back to casino floors for a whole new generation to enjoy. If you haven’t tried classic slots yet, now’s the time. Game developers are releasing new and exciting classic slot titles regularly, with no sign of slowing down.

Classic slots have a few defining characteristics. First, they’re usually three-reel, single-payline slots. The low reel and payline count makes for simple slot play. Nowadays, you can find five-reel, twenty five-payline slots with dozens of tiles in play per spin. Who can keep track of all that?!? Classic slots are easy to understand and fun to play.

Another characteristic of classic slots is the theme. Most often, you’ll find fruit (cherries, lemons, and oranges) and bells, with some BAR’s scattered in as well. Like I said, simple. The minimalistic design is so different from the flashing, noisy slots you see in casinos now. This hearkens back to a more sophisticated time in gambling’s history. Think gin martinis and dinner jackets, with players making a formal event of a night at the casino.

If this sounds a little too plain-Jane for your tastes, try a progressive classic slot. Just because the gameplay and theme is classic, that doesn’t mean these slots haven’t gotten a few upgrades. Classic progressive slots are a mainstay in most casinos, as well as bonus play classic slots. You’re sure to find a classic slot that you love playing.

You can even select your wager amount. No more nickel pulls, unless that’s what you want. You can play as little as a penny per pull all the way to high roller amounts of $100 or more a pull!

With so many people returning to classic slots, expect to see more of them casinos everywhere.