The Mobile Poker Experience

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The appearance and rise of online poker has been seen as a major convenience for most poker players. They no longer have to pay a visit the brick-and-mortar casinos and poker rooms which often come with additional trouble and expenses. Now, poker players are able to test their skills while enjoying the comfort of their own home.

Still, some poker players don’t have the time to sit behind their desktop computers and dedicate themselves to a whole poker tournament. In order to appeal to that group of people who want to relax with a couple of quick hands without being tied to a chair, online poker room operators offer the mobile poker experience.

How to Play Mobile Poker?

There is not much difference between a mobile and a desktop poker client. You either enter the App Store on your mobile device or simply access the online poker site from your mobile browser and download the suitable poker app. Most poker sites nowadays provide a separate app version for each mobile operating system in order to ensure top-notch functionality.

All you have to do next is sign up for a player account or simply sign in with your username and password if you have created the account through your desktop. These mobile poker versions tend to follow the regular online poker room design and provide a welcoming lobby, game features and profile customization options.

Mobile Poker Bonus Offers

The online gambling industry greatly relies upon the use of promotional offers and bonuses in order to attract new players and hold the attention of the existing ones. This is no different when it comes to mobile poker apps.

The real money apps allow their poker players to use No Deposit bonuses which can be as generous as the offer of £10 free at LadyLucks, first Deposit Bonuses which often match the player’s initial deposit to a certain percent or promotions for regular VIP players.

Free Money vs. Real Money Mobile Poker

Most poker players think of free money poker when discussing mobile poker clients. This is so because online poker sites used to promote their games by offering free, i.e. play money mobile app.

Make sure you decide which type you want. After all, if you’re really interested in playing poker but simply cannot make the time, downloading a real money mobile poker app will allow you to enjoy your favorite games on the move. Play money apps are only good to test the games and app functionality with no intention of financial gain.

Mobile Poker Banking Options

The banking options are often synchronized between the desktop and mobile poker client, so you don’t have to worry about such obstacles in your mobile poker experience. However, some of the payment methods are simply incompatible with mobile platforms, which is why the selection could be slightly limited. In any case, most standard payment options like Visa, MasterCard, leading e-wallets and even Bitcoin can be found as possible choices.

What is Online Poker? and Why is it so Popular ?

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Poker is a widely popular gambling game which has been proven time and again with the ever increasing number of people enjoying the game. When we see online, the poker word is searched over a million time by the people. Today you can find its online existence too. If you are a beginner and have no idea what online poker is then you are in the right place. If you wish to start playing poker, you can visit one of the more reputable casino sites online.

Slot machine is one of the easiest games in the gambling world. It can be played alone but poker is not a game of slot machine. Here the game is played with the opponent. Minimum of two and a maximum of eight to ten players can play the game at a time. If you feel how this opponent thing will work online? Then here is the answer. Though when playing online poker you are sitting at home but you are connected to your opponent through a server and he/she is able to witness your progress and so are you.

When you play online poker you are not placing your wager on the game where you need to predict a number, but your bet is against the player sitting on the other side or say your opponent. In case of online casino the house is your opponent. If you want to be the star of poker online then the first thing that you will need is a licensed and well recognized site. You must collect all the necessary information about the site before joining it. You can know about the promotions and other events that they announce for the players. Then you need to install the software provided by the client. When you install you will download and run a file. Once the installation is complete it will connect you to the client’s main poker game server.

You must always read the rules of the game and then start playing. Two people playing opposite to each other are connected to the main server through their software. When selecting the website, check if it provides enough security and assistance to make your gaming experience enjoyable. The website should have 24x7 customer care desk open so that any kind of problem is solved.

5 Key things that happened at this year’s WSOP

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The pressure has finished and the cards have been folded for another year. WSOP may be over but the memories will stay with us a lifetime, and there have been some great ones this year. At the start of July, thousands of challengers took a break from playing poker online and descended on Vegas, ready for a big win.

The WSOP is the largest live poker tournament in history, and the 45th one was no exception as massive crowds of nearly 8,000 players all descended on various casinos in Las Vega.

1) People have won it big
Winner takes all, but there are so many poker games taking place at the WSOP that there always have been many, many winners. Over the past near half a century, there is very little change in the general WSOP format, but there have been quite a few millionaires made from this tournament. And let me tell you – this weekend was no exception.

2) Risky business
Poker is all about the big risks, and of course the WSOP where the biggest perils lie. Many of these players may have started out on free online poker, but the money they use is very real.

The sweat and tears of the game are now in the past, and the main event is over. The winners have been decided, and the losers have folded their last cards. Until next year – when we will gladly do it all over again.

3) The overall winner refused to answer press questions
There was drama as one of the big winners of the WSOP, Daniel Colman, refused to answer any press questions and completely disappeared from the stage after his $15million win. As the press hungrily wanted photos and interviews, the 24 year old hastily made his exit from the stage and refused to speak to anyone. ESPN were said to be furious, after paying huge sums for the rights to exclusive interviews with the winners.

He later slammed the gambling industry as “ugly” and said “I would never in a million years recommend for someone to try and make it as a poker pro”. As he returns to his home state of Massachusetts with several more zeroes on his bank account, it really fair to deny fans and sponsors a few words? Let us know what you think in the comment below.

4) Final woman standing
The one remaining woman left in the tournament is Maria Ho, who outlasted all of the other females to be down for the final poker match. Sadly, she didn’t make it much further, but After all of the dramas and battle of the sexes, Taiwanese Maria has risen to the top of the female set to be crowned glorious winner of the title; Last Woman Standing . Although Ho didn’t end up winning, she was the highest ranking woman and came 77th out of 6,683. She, however, felt like she could’ve gone all of the way. “I’m super disappointed,” she said. “Right now it doesn’t feel super great, but I know I will take a lot of awesome things away from this experience.”

5) Big charity win
And the WSOP is also a great way for charities to earn money, no more so than the Cirque du Solei’s creators personal charity Big One for One Stop. The WSOP’s official charity partner gained a massive $4,666,662.

The charity itself said they innovative water access and management projects which promote self-reliance in disadvantaged, rural and semi-rural regions America, West Africa and Asia. The program aims to change the lives of 1 million impoverished people worldwide.

As the competition draws to a close, the WSOP cards are almost at a rest once again for the year. There have been arguments, big losses, even bigger wins and drama - all we can say is join us here in Glorious Las Vegas for the WSOP next year!

Who Should You Play Against At Live Poker?

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Poker is not just the game of cards but is the game of people’s strategy of winning and being successful with cards. Online poker is quite different when compared to the land based casinos. While playing online you cannot see your opponent and thus it is difficult to know their quality and expertise. The speed and timing is also different compared to land based poker. But, observation is the key to success. You can observe the game and understand your opponent’s tendency. The playing style also will define your opponent. Here are some kind of players against whom you should play in at live poker.

1. The Tight Passive: Tight passive player will play small games only with the best hands. They always have a fear of losing and thus if you are observant you can easily exploit and win against them because they are afraid of aggression.

2. Loose Passive: Players in this category are the easiest to play against. These players usually play like beginners and also do not have a clear idea of how much to bet. They tend to overvalue their hand keeping in mind that they might win. Recognizing loose passive players is very easy because they are the ones who are almost found in every pot and play with two cards.

3. Tight Aggressive: Player in this category will play only a few pots. They are very selective and will pick up only small pots so that they gain experience. Tight Aggressive players are also very patient by nature. They wait for the right opportunity but are not afraid of betting.

4. The Loose Aggressive: They are also called LAG and these players tend to play big. It is very difficult to read these players because of their big play. They use the chip as a weapon and are always aggressive in order to put pressure on the weak player. The biggest weakness of these players is that they use too many hands at a time.

Poker in the Television Era

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The increasing popularity of Texas Hold’em poker among people who play casino games all around the world has created a demand for various poker game shows on television. In reality, many shows on TV feature Texas Hold’em poker tournaments.

There is buzz that there is soon going to be a show dedicated exclusively for celebrities such as sports persons, politicians and Hollywood celebrities who enjoy playing the game of Texas Hold’em poker. It is also believed that such type of show is highly anticipated among the people who love to play poker and the public as they wish to see their favorite stars battling it out on the poker table.

Whether or not such a poker show concept conceptualizes remains to be seen but there is no doubt that the show will hit the top spot among television shows due to the increasing popularity of Texas Hold’em poker, which has taken the country by storm.